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Douchebag Workout

Ever wonder what it’s like to become hot and popular? With the hilarious, fun online game “Douchebag Workout”, anyone can experience the evolution of a simple self-conscious guy into an attractive stud. The Douchebag Workout game features a skinny, pimple-faced protagonist on a quest to self-improvement. It opens up with a boxing-style introduction asking if the player would want to look like a tanned muscular man. The game itself begins with the main character standing outside a gym. He is asked to enter the gym to perform specific tasks such as use certain workout equipments and interact with other characters.

The gameplay is quite simple, requiring only a mouse to drag and click to accomplish tasks. Instructions are always presented on the screen, making it easy to navigate throughout the game. Some exercises such as weight lifting are challenging since you have to hold the cursor down and drag. However, the more he exercises, the more muscle mass he gains. The more he flirts, the more confidence he gains. Players must pass three levels, namely Mass, Swag, and Personality, in order to finish the Douchebag Workout online game. The first level is focused on working out. Players are able to engage in strenuous exercise, as well as buy protein.

Once the Mass level is complete, the character may get a tattoo. Meanwhile, the second level is focused on building self-esteem. Here, players shop for clothing in order to boost confidence, gaining them more swag. Players are presented with options that garner an attractive look for the main character. Lastly, the third level is centered on an easy objective: updating status to acquire social friends and become popular. Once all three levels are fulfilled with a perfect 100%, players can access a final room to finally complete the game. Flash game Douchebag Workout have enjoyable gameplay experience, it is a fun look into society's modern lifestyle.

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